The Top Ten Product Marketers to Follow On LinkedIn

Keeping up with peers or influencers on social media has become as important as doing the job itself. Leaders are disrupting the market with powerful innovations and their insights can do wonders in developing strategies for your success. Here is a list of our top ten Product Marketers we found very useful to follow on LinkedIn.

  1. Michael Berger

With over two decades of experience in the field, Mike Berger is touted as one of the best Product Marketers out there today. Currently the VP, Product Marketing at Momentive, Mike has also served in leadership Marketing positions at Gainsight and Marketo. Mike is known to be highly effective at breaking down complexities and distilling product messaging, value propositions simple and easy to comprehend.

2. Dave Gerhardt

Currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Privy, Dave Gerhardt was previously the VP of Marketing at Drift, one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies of all-time. Dave believes that marketing isn’t about tools & technology or the latest growth hack — it’s about copywriting, storytelling, and understanding people. Dave has emerged as one of today’s top marketing leaders.

3. Rosie Pongracz

Rosie Pongracz is the Head of Technical Marketing for Data Science and AI for IBM. She is a Versatile and results-oriented technical marketing leader with deep experience in enterprise IT, platform, and developer marketing. Over her two decade long career, Rosie has launched over 40 products and companies including early stage products and re-positions.

4. Jessica Webb

Jessica Webb, a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Trello has a proven track record in product marketing. She specializes in high-velocity growth marketing, cross-functional relationship building, diverse hiring, and managing effective teams. In a short span of time, Jessica has emerged to be one of the most influential leaders of the marketing world.

5. Bob Gibbert

Bob Gibbert is currently the Vice President of Go-To-Market Strategy and Chief Evangelist at Netskope. Bob is passionate about building world-class teams in order to launch highly successful products. He is a prolific speaker and product demonstrator, reaching live audiences in more than 45 countries over the past decade. Having spent 25 years in Silicon Valley, Bob is definitely a leader to follow in the product world.

6. Yossi Zohar

Currently the director of product marketing for Cloud CRM solutions, Yossi Zohar has spent three decades in product marketing. He spent 15 years as the Senior Director, Head of Product Marketing at Amdocs where he led key strategic product initiatives in the CRM group. Yossi believes that brands must find a way to articulate a compelling story that stands out from the competition.

7. Scott Shapiro

Scott Shapiro is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Qualtrics. Its CustomerXM product, sees 75% YoY growth, with more than 450 of the world’s largest companies using it to power their customer experience programs.  Before Qualtrics, Scott spent 5 years at Microsoft doing scotProduct Marketing for Office, working across B2C, B2B, and EDU audiences. Scott is known for his humor and obsession with all things comedy from stand-up to memoirs and satire.

8. Shimrit

Currently the Growth & Product Marketing at Nextdoor, Shimrit has many years of experience in growth tactics and consumer-focused marketing strategies. With experience in Silicon Valley, London, and Tel Aviv, and a strong entrepreneurial mindset, Shimrit has been helping startups across industries grow for the past 13 years. She is a highly analytical, experimental and creative problem-solver whose insights continue to be instrumental in shaping multiple companies.

9. Scott Lang

Currently the Vice President, Product Marketing at Prevalent, Scott Lang is a top marketing leader and contributor to bottom-line increases. His specializations include product positioning and messaging, marketing development and execution, and global internal and external customer support. Scott is passionate about introducing innovative products to the market that address tangible customer needs. Prior to Prevalent, Scott was the Senior Director, Product Marketing at BeyondTrust where he established BeyondTrust as the leading provider of privileged access management solutions

10. Ryan Bonnici

Ryan Bonnici is the Chief Marketing Officer at Whereby. He was awarded 26th place on World’s Most Influential CMOs by Forbes in 2020 and 41st place in 2019. Ryan is an incredibly energetic, passionate and self-directed marketing leader with fortified marketing, management and organizational skills. Prior to Whereby, Ryan was the Chief Marketing Officer at G2, a community where users submit reviews on business solutions to help professionals make more informed purchasing decisions. Ryan loves to share his experience on inbound marketing, SaaS, how to attract and hire great employees, and all things digital.

These were our favorite picks among leaders you just can’t afford to miss following on LinkedIn. If there’s someone we’ve missed, write to us!

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