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Discovering the Need for Chet

Friendster to Myspace to Facebook to Twitter to Snapchat to Instagram and now TikTok. Social media, for all its misgivings, has throughout been pretty damn innovative. Personal social networks continue to evolve rapidly and have brought innovation to companies outside the space. Each new network enters the market adapting to how we as a society and consumers produce and consume content. Today’s generation wants quick connection, substantive self-expression, and the ability to know what’s going on in others’ growth and lives. Personal social networks are doing a solid job facilitating this, but professional social networks are lacking.

LinkedIn is a fine product, but let’s be real. 95% of us use it for two functions: 1) it’s my online resume and 2) it’s my online address book — these are valuable functions and LinkedIn’s dominance for nearly 20 years has proven this. We need LinkedIn. LinkedIn drives recruiting innovation and has become an invaluable tool for those in client facing roles to help with BD. However, it’s no longer social. The feed is rife with self promotion and professional platitudes parroted out by professional influencers. Connections don’t mean anything anymore. LinkedIn misses the boat on what’s most important to social media users today: insight into the lives of those they care about, whether those are friends, colleagues, aspirational folks & real connection.

The line between professional and personal lives is blurring rapidly. Some people are worried about this, and rightfully so. However, we see this as an opportunity. New industries and jobs are being created overnight, fewer and fewer people are going to college. They are becoming way more selective about what companies they choose to work for, taking into account culture, fit, colleagues, potential for growth and personal and professional advancement. With this radical shift in mindset and culture, there needs to be direction and guidance.

Chet is designed to be the modern professional network — the network for professionals in 2021. At our core, we want to provide people directions and guidance with the opportunity for growth and connection. Specifically that means — Chet is sharing what you’re doing, in the moment, to get better, and see what others are doing, in the moment, to get better. People today would much rather be connected with someone else interested in starting a company rather than someone they went to college together 20 years ago. We are building this platform — we are creating the first modern, data driven blueprint to achieve personal and professional growth, all within a community.

Check out to learn more about our mission and to join the community.

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