The Ultimate Guide to UX Designer Salaries

The success of every product; whether it is the ergonomic workspace you’ve created, the application you’re using to order your groceries or the email client you are typing into, can be linked to their brilliance in product design. UX designers have the sole responsibility of making any product/requirement easy and enjoyable to use. Therefore, UX Designers are required to collaborate with other designers, clients, executives, engineers, and product managers to find intuitive design solutions to complex problems. As a professional, UX Design in the tech industry is a great place to be. It is a versatile, dynamic, creative, and sought-after role that offers room to grow in many industries and locations. On top of that, with the recent pandemic that led to a worldwide lockdown, UX Designers are today majorly working in remote positions or freelance positions in the current job market.

What’s the Pay Like?

But before beginning your hunt for jobs or UX Design certification courses, you probably want to know how much UX Designers are paid. Like any other job, the average UX designer salary depends on your location, your employer, and the seniority of your role. According to Payscale, the average salary of a UX Designer in the United States is $74,568/yr (ranging from $51,000 to $108,000). However, Glassdoor places the average base salary slightly higher at $85,277/yr (with a full range from $59,000-128,000). Whereas UX researchers make around $32,000-314,000/yr, according to Indeed, with the average salary in the US listed as $136,721/yr. These figures however are median base salaries. 

The salary of any position is always linked to the level of seniority and UX Designers are no exception. An entry-level UX Designer with less than 1 year of experience makes an average of $64,018 ((includes tips, bonus, and other variables). As the experience increases, so does the pay. A UX Designer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $72,836/yr while an experienced UX Designer (5-9 years) earns an average total compensation of $84,732/yr.

The Big Guns

Like any tech-dominated position, the top payers for UX Designers also come from the tech background. Google reportedly pays the highest salaries with an average pay of $132,620/yr. Amazon and Microsoft aren’t too far behind on the list. The average salary of UX Designers at Amazon is around $116,908/yr and Microsoft is around $111,639/yr. Adobe pays its UX Designers $65,000 – $163,000 USD, LinkedIn pays an $174,539 in average whereas Facebook pays a whopping average of $186,903.

According to a recent survey by LinkedIn, the role of UX designer is one of the Top 5 most in-demand positions in the world today. If you have a knack for research, a way with words, an eye for aesthetics, this field might just be perfect for you! 

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