Product Management Leaders to Follow in 2021

Product management is a new and constantly evolving field.

Every day, new tools are created, ideas shared, and insights discovered, but it can be nearly impossible to stay up to date with all the latest changes in the field.

The best way to stay up-to-date is to find quality experts who are sharing their knowledge.

To make that easy for you, we made the most complete list of product leaders you need to be following in 2021. These experts are actively sharing their wisdom and experience through LinkedIn, Twitter, or Blogs.

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1. Suhail Doshi

Who he is: Current Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board at Mixwell, former Software Engineer at Slide and Co-Founder of outquib.

What he posts: With a mixture of his own experience with his current ventures and advice for his followers, you can expect a personal take on the journey of creating a product.

Where to follow: Check him out on Twitter.

2. Merci Victoria Grace

Who she is: Product leader-turned-angel investor and advisor, her resume includes Director of Product at Slack and Product Manager at CouchSurfing.

What she posts: Great resources that she’s using, including podcasts and articles, plus her day-to-day as a product management veteran.

Where to follow: You can find her on Twitter and Medium.

3. Oji Udezue

Who he is: Chief Product Officer at Parsable and VP of Product at Calendly, plus a member of the Board of Directors at Quitch.

What he posts: Projects and events he’s involved with, like product management conferences and collaborations and call-outs of other companies with exciting PM content.

Where to follow: Twitter is his main platform.

4. Jason Fried

Who he is: Co-Founder and CEO of Basecamp, columnist for Inc. Magazine.

What he posts: Fried is actively involved with the world of product management and frequently shares articles and resources geared towards helping his followers implement the same practices he uses.

Where to follow: Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

5. Karan Nandwani

Who he is: He’s currently a Senior Product Manager at Amazon and was previously with Microsoft as Product Management Lead.

What he posts: He keeps his followers up to date on the latest Amazon-related PM content and significant product news from other companies.

Where to follow: He’s active on Twitter and LinkedIn and has put his favorite PM resources together as a pathway right here on Chet.

6. Ken Norton

Who he is: A former Director of Product Management at Google, now a full-time product management coach.

What he posts: A plethora of content from his own PM consulting firm dedicated to helping aspiring PMs answer their questions and find the resources they need to help grow in the product management field.

Where to follow: Norton shares his knowledge on Twitter and LinkedIn.

7. April Underwood

Who she is: She’s worked in high-level product management positions at top companies including Travelocity, Twitter, Slack, and Google, and is currently the Founder and CEO of Nearby, Co-Founder of #ANGELS, and a Board Director for Zillow.

What she posts: Updates from her own life as a Founder and leader, plus content related to the life of a female entrepreneur and PM, frequently spotlighting other accomplished female leaders as well.

Where to follow: She’s on Twitter and LinkedIn.

8. Matt Bilotti

Who he is: He’s currently Product Lead at Drift and has an extensive history working in both PM and partner roles at other companies.

What he posts: A mixture of original content, like new episodes of his podcast Growth, and his thoughts on how to find success in product management, whether you’re new or experienced in the field.

Where to follow: You can check him out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

9. Tatyana Mamut

Who she is: After roles at Amazon, Salesforce, and Nextdoor related to leading product management, she’s currently an advisor for Rebel Girls, Braintrust, and TMamut Advisors.

What she posts: She uses her platform to share information about her own projects that act as resources for those looking to break into the world of product management, plus the latest tech news every aspiring PM should be keeping up with.

Where to follow: She uses Twitter and LinkedIn.

10. Ryan Hoover

Who he is: He’s the Founder of Product Hunt, a Weekend Fund Investor, and former Director of Product for PlayHaven.

What he posts: He shares his wisdom with his followers, posting the tools and strategies he uses at his current ventures and outside resources that he finds helpful.

Where to follow: He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

11. Shreyas Doshi

Who he is: He formerly acted as Product Manager for companies including Google, Twitter, and Yahoo!, and is now Product Manager at Stripe and a Product Advisor for fast-growing startups.

What he posts: Doshi uses his social media to share his own advice and experience with product management, the lessons he’s learned along the way, and the resources he’s currently using that he thinks his followers would also find helpful.

Where to follow: Twitter is his primary medium, although he’s active on LinkedIn too.

12. Julie Zhuo

Who she is: Now Co-Founder of Sundial, Chief of Creator Stories at PicsArt Inc., and a Board Member for Kadiant, formerly VP of Product Design at Facebook.

What she posts: A collection of resources that all emerging PMs would find helpful, including non-PM specific career advice and the path she took to break into product management.

Where to follow: Julie is on Twitter and LinkedIn.

13. Melissa Perri

Who she is: She has experience in Product Management at Capital IQ, Barclays Capital, OpenSky, Conductor Inc., and General, and is now Founder and Lead Instructor at Product Institute, Founder and CEO of Produx Labs, and a Senior Lecturer at Harvard University.

What she posts: She’s the host of her own podcast, Product Thinking, and incorporates questions sent in by her followers into the episodes to answer them and give her experience.

Where to follow: You can see her posts on Twitter and LinkedIn.

14. Jim Semick

Who he is: The founder of ProductPlan, a product roadmap software.

What he posts: Semick posts resources that are made for product managers. And he frequently starts conversations with his community by posing questions to his followers.

Where to follow: Check out his Twitter and LinkedIn.

15. Nick Mehta

Who he is: With a background in Product Management at XDegrees, he is currently CEO of Gainsight.

What he posts: Mehta is active in the product management community and often posts about notable events and interviews that aspiring PMs may want to check out.

Where to follow: He’s active on Twitter and LinkedIn.

16. Gibson Biddle

Who he is: After years of experience in high-level Product Management roles at Life360, Chegg, and Netflix, Biddle currently operates as a speaker and workshop host focusing on product management and strategy and serves as a Board Observer for NerdWallet and Guest Lecturer at Stanford University.

What he posts: In addition to his own thoughts and resources he has for PMs, like his new product management newsletter, Biddle shares content designed to help aspiring PMs learn more about the world of product management and the skills they’ll need to succeed.

Where to follow: His Twitter and LinkedIn.

17. Ann Miura-Ko

Who she is: A co-founding partner at FLOODGATE and former analyst for Charles River Ventures.

What she posts: In addition to her life in the world of product management, Miura-Ko also shares resources to help you better align your product with its market and the tools that make it easier.

Where to follow: Twitter is her primary outlet.

18. Alicia Dixon

Who she is: After time at Hilton Worldwide and UPS in PM roles, Dixon is now Senior Product Manager at Apartment List.

What she posts: Updates about her own work in product management and events she takes part in that other PMs would get value from.

Where to follow: Check her out on Twitter.

19. Diana Berlin

Who she is: Currently a Partner at Matrix Partners, Berlin spent five years at Quip in product management leadership roles and before that worked as a Senior Product Manager at SoundCloud.

What she posts: Her own path to product management, her current day-to-day as an investor, and the PM-related projects she takes part in.

Where to follow: You can find her on Twitter.

20. Carlos González de Villaumbrosia

Who he is: The Founder and CEO of Product School, a Product Council Member for Forbes Council, and previously Product Management Lead Instructor at General Assembly.

What he posts: His favorite product management mantras, resources, and the latest Product School happenings that even established PMs won’t want to miss out on.

Where to follow: He’s active on Twitter and LinkedIn.

21. Kate Catlin

Who she is: Current Senior Product Manager at CircleCI and PM Podcaster.

What she posts: Her PM-related projects, her work at CircleCI, and her team’s own resources for product management.

Where to follow: She’s on Twitter and LinkedIn.

22. Scott Belsky

Who he is: Chief Product Officer and Executive VP for Adobe.

What he posts: Behind-the-scenes of Adobe’s product and feature development, company news in the product management industry, and his own advice.

Where to follow: Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

23. Noah Weiss

Who he is: Now VP of Product at Slack, he used to work as a Product Manager at Google and Foursquare.

What he posts: Advice to aspiring PMs and the resources and tools he uses to make decisions.

Where to follow: He’s active on Twitter.

24. Hunter Walk

Who he is: Walk is now a Partner at Homebrew and was a Product Management Director at Google.

What he posts: Updates from the tech product management world, plus his own journey to product management.

Where to follow: You can see him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

25. Dan Olson

Who he is: Co-Founder and CEO of Tech Crunch and author of “The Lean Product Playbook.”

What he posts: He updates his followers on his wealth of product management events and collaborations and shares videos from his YouTube channel that’s filled with PM guests.

Where to follow: Catch him on Twitter and YouTube.

26. Amber Kearney

Who she is: Current Senior Product Manager at Capital One, former Product Manager at Deloitte Digital.

What she posts: Her own experiences in product management, inspirational messages to aspiring PMs, and product management-related conversation starters.

Where to follow: Find her on Twitter.

27. Rajiv Srivatsa

Who he is: Partner and Investor at Antler, Podcaster and Blogger for OneLife Theory, Co-Founder of Urban Ladder, and former Senior Product Manager at Yahoo!.

What he posts: His own strategies for product management, plus industry news and his thoughts on it.

Where to follow: You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

28. Josh Elman

Who he is: Elman currently works in Product at Apple and has also worked in Product Management for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Robinhood.

What he posts: The product management resources he’s using and the latest product management news.

Where to follow: Check him out on Twitter.

29. Anna Marie Clifton

Who she is: Principal Product Manager at Asana, with former roles at Coinbase and Yammer, Inc.

What she posts: She dedicates many of her posts to her followers seeking product management knowledge, writing about her own experiences and the things she’s learned during her time as a product manager.

Where to follow: Her main platform is Twitter.

30. Lenny Rachitsky

Who he is: He spent seven years as a Product Lead for Airbnb and is now a writer and advisor.

What he posts: His own product-related newsletter and advice for up-and-coming product managers.

Where to follow: He’s a frequenter of both LinkedIn and Twitter.

31. David Cancel

Who he is: CEO of Drift and former Chief Product Officer of HubSpot.

What he posts: A lot of his own advice for dealing with the day-to-day needs of being in product management and great outside resources.

Where to follow: Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

32. Jason Evanish

Who he is: Co-Founder, CEO, and Head of Product for Get Lighthouse.

What he posts: His favorite resources for how to be a good manager for the people you lead.

Where to find him: He’s active on Twitter and LinkedIn.

33. Paul Jackson

Who he is: Current Chief Product and Technology Officer at Level, former Chief Product and Technology Officer at VancePay and StructureFlow.

What he posts: Jackson’s content is totally geared towards product management and includes threads dedicated to his followers’ questions, resources he likes, and collaborations with other PMs.

Where to follow: You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

34. Marty Cagan

Who he is: He’s worked as a Product VP for Netscape and eBay and is now a Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group.

What he posts: His own original content, like his thoughts on how he handles product management, plus the books he’s reading that help him make decisions.

Where to follow: Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

35. Lulu Cheng

Who she is: Now a leadership coach, Cheng worked as a Product Lead for Pinterest for nearly five years.

What she posts: Her favorite resources and advice for how to be a better leader and focus on your product goals.

Where to follow: Cheng is active on Twitter and LinkedIn.

36. Linda Zhang

Who she is: Group product manager at Faire and previously worked at Microsoft, Bain, and Snapchat

What she posts: To quote her directly “I’ve made a lot of mistakes, discoveries, and earned some secrets along the way. ‍ I’m sharing everything I wish I knew when I started.”

Where to follow: Twitter or her website

37. Dan Benoi & Louis-Xavier Lavallée

Who they are: They are founders and product professionals turned writer and creator of

What they post: They are the creators of a newsletter and series of case studies about product and the psychology behind it.

Where to follow: The best place to find their content is on their website

38. Yu-kai Chou

Who he is: Yu-kai is the Head of Creative Labs at HTC/Vive and is the creator of the Octalysis framework for gamification. He specializes in gamification and product psychology.

What he posts: Articles and resources about gamification and psychology for product professionals and individuals.

Where to follow: Twitter and LinkedIn

39. Connie Yuan

Who she is: Connie is a product manager at Heap analytics and was one of LinkedIn’s Top 100 Voices in 2020

What she posts: She shares her thoughts and ideas on product management along with articles and community conversations.

Where to follow: She is most active on Linkedin

40. Simon Sinek

Who he is: Simon is a speaker and author about leadership and what makes a great product or company. He is most known for popularizing the concept of WHY in his TED talks and for his books including Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last.

What he posts: Most of Simon’s content revolves around leadership and team building, but particularly some of his older content is very focused around why we build things and how great companies and products are build

Where to follow: Linkedin or Twitter

41. Jeremy Horn

Who he is: Jeremy is a product manager, founder, and creator of The Product Group, which is the largest product management meetup in the world.

What he posts: articles around all aspects of product management from how to get started, to coping with the changes brought on by the pandemic, to guides on specific skills.

Where to follow: The Product Guy blog

42. Teresa Torres

Who she is: Teresa is a product discovery coach who specializes in customer interviews and product experimentation.

What she posts: Articles about the current state of product management, how-to’s, and deep dives into specific skills such as product discovery.

Where to follow: Teresa publishes her articles on her blog Product Talk

43. Roman Pichler

Who he is: Roman is a product manager and author who has helped many clients with their products including Adidas, Google, EA, and eBay.

What he posts: Articles and videos about product skills such as roadmapping, product vision, UX, and agile development.

Where to follow: You can find his latest content on his Blog

44. Richard Holmes & Jason Leonard

Who they are: Richard and Jason are product managers who have worked with recognized brands like eBay, The Guardian, and Channel 4 as well as several start-ups.

What they post: They share articles on their blog about product management and product design.

Where to follow: They have a blog and newsletter you can follow on their website

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