The Top 5 Product Management Podcasts to Check Out in 2021

Whether you’re an aspiring product manager or an industry pro, it’s always important to keep up with trends and ideas in the field.

With a multitude of PM podcasts to choose from, we’ve rounded up the top 7 can’t-miss series to tune into and keep up with the latest and greatest of product management.

1. This is Product Management

Hosted by Mike Fishbein, This is Product Management takes listeners through all aspects of being a product manager. Especially useful for newcomers to the industry, the podcast breaks down the complexities of the field and helps simplify it for aspiring PMs that are still learning.

Featuring interviews with product leaders, a look at the minute day-to-day details that product managers should be ready to contend with, and entire episodes dedicated to different subsections of the role, TIPM takes a deep dive into the field and makes sure its listeners leave each episode with new knowledge.

Find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

2. The Product Podcast

Whether you’re a product manager, trying to break into the industry, or have a totally different role and just want to do some extra listening to get a better grasp on product management, The Product Podcast’s 400+ episodes have you covered. It features PMs from leading companies like Facebook and Google who go in depth about their job, responsibilities, and what a day in their life might look like.

Great for listeners who are trying to figure out how product roles differ across companies and understand the general job description for a product manager, this podcast staple will teach you how to stand out to any company you apply to.

Find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

3. This Week in Startups

For all the entrepreneurs out there, the This Week in Startups podcast has found its niche in speaking about successful startups that are set to be the future leaders of the product space.

Hosted by successful founder, investor, and author Jason Calacanis, listeners will get to hear from CEOs and product managers of a range of successful startups about their process for product roadmap development, metrics, business model, and other product-related topics. Calacanis also occasionally invites his colleagues and other experts to weigh in and share their advice with the audience.

Find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

4. Product Love

Product Love packs a double punch, inviting on the teams that have developed some of the world’s favorite products, like Basecamp and Waze, and letting them explain the process behind creating them. The teams behind the products get to explain their own mindset and share their wisdom with listeners.

The podcast also highlights the product management trends, insights, and techniques that can help you build a product that people love.

Find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

5. 100 Product Managers

This podcast welcomes a guest product leader in each episode who speaks about their experience in product management and what they’ve learned over the years. Hailing from companies like Netflix and Squarespace, 100 Product Managers aims to present a wide variety of product managers across different industries, making sure there’s something for every product fanatic.

With a range of topics unique to each product manager, this podcast is filled with lessons that can help guide aspiring product managers and gives listeners figures to follow in all aspects of the field. Plus, their website also has a ton of other resources for visitors to check out.
Find it on Apple Podcasts and the 100 Product Managers website.

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