The Top 5 Product Design Podcasts to Check Out in 2021

In a field as fast paced as Product Design, keeping up with the latest developments is part of the job description. While blogs, social media groups, and YouTube channels are great ways to stay in touch with what other leaders are sharing from their knowledge and experience, Product Design podcasts have become a favorite mode of content.

With so many great resources, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why Chet has put together a list of the five Product Design podcasts to check out when searching for new places to learn and listen. 

1. Design Details 

Hosted by Brian Lovin of GitHub and Marshall Block of YouTube Gaming, these two product designers have over 300 episodes discussing all things design. From the principles of Product Design to a “typical” career path to the daily struggles a Product Designer may face, this podcast covers a lot of ground.

Great for beginners and experienced professionals alike, Design Details taps into both broad and specific aspects of design that will keep listeners interested and learning something new with each episode.

Find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

2. The Honest Designers Show

This podcast is perfect for listeners looking to grow independently as designers, and talks through developing a unique style that is true to you and your goals. It tackles questions like how to pinpoint your design identity, why it’s important to avoid comparing yourself to peers, and the best way to navigate earning a living if you go the freelance route.

Including a panel of accomplished designers, The Honest Designers Show will answer questions you didn’t even know you had as you enter Product Design.

Find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

3. Design Matters

Known as “the first and longest running podcast about design,” Debbie Millman’s creation has built quite the reputation. With enough episodes to keep you busy for about 16 years (how long the show’s been around so far), this podcast zooms Product Design out and sets it in the context of simple creativity. Featuring guests from a range of backgrounds, including actors, authors, chefs, and of course, traditional product designers, listeners get a unique perspective each and every time.

It’s perfect for anyone working in or wanting to work in Product Design, but there’s something for everyone, regardless of career path.

Find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

4. Design Better

Crafted for designers looking to keep their skills in top condition, Design Better is a podcast guide of the best practices you can implement in your own work. Featuring contributions from leaders at top companies like Pinterest, Google, and Airbnb, the show brings all of the how-to’s and advice scattered throughout various sources and puts them in one place. 

This show is geared towards Product Designers of all levels, since improvement is never outgrown. Emerging professionals are wise to get a head start on using all the tips and tricks that it’s taken lots of experience for design leaders to learn and share. 

Find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

5. UI Breakfast Podcast

Last but not least, UI Breakfast tunes into a subsection of Product Design that is one of the more popular field roles. Although it’s mostly focused on UI-related topics, it frequently touches on other aspects of Product Design, or Product Design in general, and emphasizes actionable knowledge that you can start using today.

An abundant lineup of industry experts help host this must-listen podcast that’s perfect for all Product Designers (especially those interested in User Interface). 
Find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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